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Seeds - The Story Most Children Are Never Told

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A4 Hardback with illustrations(Price includes delivery)

Give your children a headstart when it comes to finances.

Written for ages 8 to 80, "Seeds" is a very simple, short story with several parallels to everyday life. It helps introduce the idea of saving money at an early age, which is essential in the financial climate that we are going through, a climate that could very well still be here for many years. The book even touches on the concept of borrowing money, so children can hopefully understand the consequences. Learning ways to manage money is just one way to help protect your children against future recessions or redundancies.

"If this book can help a child somehow prepare for another recession or the possibility of redundancy then I'm happy. Especially if they can then share the concept with others."

Lots of people want to earn more money but what is likely to happen is that they will have the same problems when more money comes along if they don't understand how to avoid them. This book is just the start of highlighting that. And if you want to help others avoid the same stress, then read it to anyone who you think would benefit, or simply give them the details of this website so they can get their own copy.

Imagine the change that could be made by reading this simple story that could encourage people to stay out of financial trouble...

Also available on the Kindle by clicking here

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