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Other Projects

Here are some links to other projects you may be interested in which allow my creative side to have a little fun while on the journey through life

Caramel Radio

Gorgeous RnB, Street Soul, Neo Soul, Classic Hip-Hop Flavour and lots more...

Peace, Love & T-Shirts

Spreading more peace and love while celebrating your favourite food it drink. Check out the full collection.


Connecting Music Lovers to the right Events and DJs that play the songs they would have in their playlists.

Love Tinted Glasses Vol. 1 & 2

A collection of Spoken Word poetry pieces by "Just Dave" with visuals, and music provided by Jaymoezart.

Watch Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 on YouTube,

listen on Spotify and there is a limited edition physical booklet too.

EPIC Radio

The Music Of Champions.

Fuel your day with epic motivational audio 24/7. From Soundtracks to Classical to Uplifting and more.

The Fine Art Of Mastication

Quite possibly the ultimate guide to dieting. This is a digital download of a mandala adult colouring book.

Find out more here