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Evolu-Sol Financial Wellbeing Program

An online 12-step Program to raise your awareness on money matters and improve your financial future.

Take the time to fine tune your finances


Cashflow is quite possibly the most important word in both your personal and business finances. You can be in one of either three states. Sinking, Drifting or Cruising. Being clear on which state you are in, is the first step to success and I would be more than happy to help you take a look at this further.


Debt has the power to build and destroy. So managing debt is critical to ensure it remains under control. Assessing the levels of debt and the anticipated repayments needed to clear it, should be a part of your monthly routine. There are also ways to reduce debt quicker and I'd be happy to go through this with you.


More money is usually seen as the way to resolve any issues, but sometimes we need to check a couple of areas where money could be 'leaking'. Then when we discuss the ways you can earn more either in your personal or business life, we maximise the amount of money you can use for achieving the goals you have.


Making sure your loved ones are taken care of is a concern many of us have. So financially, we should also consider putting things in place to make sure your money doesn't go astray or lose too much value over time. Authorities benefit when people don't have certain things in place. It's 'free' money for them.

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    Evolu-Sol Financial Wellbeing Program
    • Let's get you started
    • 1. Play The "Lottery" For "Free"
    • 2. Check Your Tax Code
    • 3. Join Clearscore
    • 4. Complete The Personal Money Tracker
    • Download The Personal Money Tracker
    • 5. The True Cost Of Having A Car
    • 6. Get Debt Under Control
    • 7. Protect Against Loss Of Future Earnings
    • 8. Protect Your Estate From The Wrong Hands
    • 9. Waternomics
    • 10. Maximise Cashback
    • 11. Increasing Earnings
    • 12. Play Money Race Or Cashflow
    • Bonus Step - Money Goal Saving Calculator
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Next steps?

So now you have a good grasp on some money management principles, how about we talk about ways for you to increase the amount of money you make?

Whether it's your career, or you are looking to step into the world of the entrepreneur, or if you already have a business, we can have a call to explore some possibilities.

Access and Workshops For Community Organisations and more...

If you are part of a company or community group, you could support your employees' and member's financial wellbeing by giving them access to this program which builds a good foundation and can be supplemented with workshops and 1-to-1 sessions.