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Financial Wellbeing Programs & Workshops

For Heart-Centred Business & Team Leaders, Groups, Communities, Organisations and more...


We all have goals in some shape or form. 

With the right ideas, money management concepts and mindset, maybe you could achieve more than you think is possible...

So what are your financial and business goals? 

And what would it feel like to bring them to life?

We could have a conversation or two to potentially change everything...

What is Evolu-Sol?

"It's actually a combination of the words 'Love' and 'Soul', and describes how each one of us can evolve and shine from within. 

The slogan is a reminder: 'I operate from Love, Respect, Joy & Happiness. Feel the Love inside you. Share it with the World.'

I often think about a better world for all of us, and maybe it all starts with helping people towards their dreams..."